2005 CD's
 from  presentations given at the Conference on Healing,     Green Lake, WI     Sept 25 - Oct 2, 2005.
2006 CD's
 from  presentations given at the Conference on Healing,    Green Lake, WI        Aug 20-25, 2006.
  • Spirituality of the Liturgy -  Rev. Steven Lopes   (2 tapes)
  • Behavioral Expressions of Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit -  Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • Discerning Visions and Mystical Experiences - Rev John Grigus OFM Conv. (3 tapes)
  • Healing Buried Fears-Is Forgiveness Appropriate  Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • Power of the Name of Jesus over Evil -   Rev. Msgr. John Esseff (2 tapes)
  • Love, Fear and Anger - Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • The Charism of Intercession -  Sr. Marilyn Metz & Rosalie Hersil
  • Theological and Spiritual Power of the Holy Angels -
     Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • Witness and Seek the Heart of the Father - Rev. Robert Surges
  • Personal Discernment - Rev. Douglas Leonhardt, SJ
  •   Foundational for the Theology  Beatitudes and  their Relationship
          to Evil. - Rev. Lawrence Hennessey     Parts 1- 2
  • Psychological and Spiritual Dynamics  of  the  Human Heart
          Rev. John Michet  Parts  1 - 2
  • Rules for Personal Discernment- Rev.  Douglas Leonhardt, SJ 
            &  Dr. Margarett Schlientz       Parts 1 - 4
  • Theology of the Mercy Beatitudes -    Ministry of  Deliverance in
        Exorcism   -  Rev. John Grigus, OFM Conv.  Parts 1- 3
  • Charism of Mercy Power over Evil   Beatitudes: Pure of  Heart
     & Peacemakers  - Rev. Msgr. John Esseff     Parts 1 - 3
  • Pastoral Application of Renewing the  Renewal - Rene. Marazon 
  • Four  Homilies,   Rev Lawrence   Hennessey, 
      Most Rev. Robert Hermann,   Most Reverent Martin Holley,
      Rev. Msgr. John Esseff
2007 CD's
from presentations given at the Conference on Healing,      Mundelein, IL        Aug 13-17, 2007.
2008 CD's
from presentations given at the Conference on Healing,       Mundelein, IL        Aug 11-15, 2008.
  • Exorcism, Spiritual Teaching,   Exorcism in Other Religions,
     Reiki,  Mystics, Fen Shui, Curses, Hexes,   Sexual Misconduct.
                 Rev Jose Fortea
  • Prayer, Demons, the Bible, Guardian  Angels & Demons,
    Exorcistic Gifts,   Demonic Possession, Spirits. -
          Rev. Jose Fortea.
  • Theology of Exorcism -  Rev Dennis McManus  
  • Demonic Possession, Intake,  New and old Rites of
       Exorcism  - Revs  Dennis McManus & Jeffrey  Grob
  • How your Thought Processes Can  Evolve to Evil
        Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • The Bishop's Role in the Support  of Exorcism. 
         Most Rev. Martin Holley & Most Rev. Robert Hermann.
  • Discernment, Deliverance & Exorcism -  Parts 1-3.
      Rev. Francis Martin
  • Baptism in the Spirit, The Anointing, Protection for Holy Works,
       Deliverance. How to Receive the Anointing  Parts 1-4.
       Rev. Carl Schmidt, CSSR
  • Preparation of the Exorcist, What We Know About Demons, 
       Possessing vs. Hunting & Other Manifestations,
       Possession, Demons & Ghosts,  The New and Old
       Rites of Exorcism  Parts 1-6.   Rev. Dennis McManus
  • Case Studies: Parts 1-3.   Panel: Msgr. John Esseff,
      Revs Jeffrey  Grob, Carl Schmidt &  D. Toomey
       & Dr. Margarett Schlientz.
2009  CD's
 from the presentations given at the
Conference on Healing, Mundelein IL Aug 10-14, 2009
2009  DVD  set
Ministery of Deliverance
by Rev. Carl Schmidt, C.Ss.R.
The Set of CD's  (16 CD's predicted) can be ordered now.
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Individual CD's will be available when the list is complete.
(Approx. Sept 25).
Authors include
  •  His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo
  •  Rev. Carl Schmidt, C.Ss.R.
  • Rev. Dennis McManus
A Systematic Pastoral Approach to the Ministery of Deliverance
A 2-DVD PowerPoint Set of Slides on the Ministery of Deliverance with full audio by Rev. Schmidt.
Over 3 1/2 hours of slides
Topics Include:
  • Baptism in the Spirit
  • The Anointing
  • Protection for Holy Works
  • How to Receive the Anointing
  • Deliverance
  • Discerning of Spirits
  • Inner Healing
  • Casting Out.

Included are a set of pages with slide pictures for personal notes.

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